EBL Auto Loan

EBL Auto Loan

Key Product Features

Interest Rate 9.50%
9.5% to all

Fixed Interest
Min. financing Amount BDT350000
Max. financing Amount BDT4000000 BDT 4,000,000 or 50% of car value whichever is lower.
Min. loan tenure 1 year
Max. loan tenure 5 year
Islamic / Conventional Conventional
Approval duration N/A

Fees and Charges

One time set-up Penalties
Processing fee

Sanction letter fee
Early Settlement
2% and Partial payment fee: 2%, Not before 6 months and atleast 30% of the outstanding amount

Late Payment Charges
Other Charges

CIB Charge: BDT 200, CPV 350


Age requirement
Age 22years - 60years

Min Income requirement
BDT30000 gross per month

Employment Eligibility
  • Salaried Employee
  • Self Employed
  • Land Owner


  • Salaried executives: Minimum 3 years experience with 6 months employment with present employer.
  • Self Employed like Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountant and Certified Consultant & IT Professionals: Minimum 2 years experience , Businessperson : Minimum 2 years experience.

Other requirements

Car Registration
Allows joint applicant?
Car Insurance
1st Class Insurance Required

One personal guarantee.

Joint registration of the vehicle.

First party comprehensive insurance of the car.

One personal guarantee required

EBL Auto Loan

Required Documents

  • Latest one year's personal bank statement,
  • Photocopy of national ID/Passport,
  • One copy passport size photograph of the applicant,
  • One copy passport size photograph of guarantor,
  • Price quotation of the vehicle,
  • Business card/ visiting card of the applicant,
  • Personal TIN certificate.
  • Additional documents required for salaried person: Letter of Introduction stating salary, issued by the employer Additional documents required for business person: Copy of Trade License, Company’s bank statement for last one year, Memorandum of Articles for Limited Liability Company.
  • Additional documents required for self employed person: Professional Certificate issued by authorized institution.
  • Additional documents required for landlord: Valid documents of the property, Rent receipt/deed.

Additional Information


  • EBL offers this product for Brand new cars and for Reconditioned cars they prefer Toyota "Station Wagons, Sedan & Suvs" First.
  • Joint Applicant Allowed: Combined Gross monthly income should be minimum BDT 40,000 per month and Spouse is allowed as Joint Applicant.
  • 15% vVAT applicable over all kind of charges and fees