Pubali Bank Car Loan

Pubali Bank Car Loan

Key Product Features

Interest Rate 10.00%
Risk Fund: 1% ; Agent Commission: 3%

Floating (Variable) Interest
This interest rate for everyone.
Min. financing Amount N/A
Max. financing Amount BDT1500000 65% of the vehicle price in case of downpayment 35% but can not exceeded 1500000.
Min. loan tenure 3 year
Max. loan tenure 5 year
Islamic / Conventional Conventional
Approval duration N/A

Fees and Charges

One time set-up Penalties
Processing fee

Sanction letter fee
Early Settlement

Late Payment Charges
Other Charges


Age requirement
Age 21years -

Min Income requirement
gross per month

Employment Eligibility
  • Salaried Employee
  • Self Employed
  • Land Owner

#Last tax return and latest income tax clearance certificate.

#Bank Statements for minimum 6 months.

#Personal Net-Worth statement

#Any other document that may stand as a proof of income.

#Must income 3 times of loan installment per month.


Other requirements

Car Registration
Allows joint applicant?
Car Insurance
First party comprehensive insurance of the car (Policy must be renewed every year and copy of the policy must be submitted to the bank)

# Registration of vehicle must be done by the agent and shall be confirmed by the bank official. 

# On the basis of that vehicle will be registered in the name of the bank. After registration, vendor will be paid the total value of the vehicle in the form of pay order.

Personal Guarantee of spouse/parents and an individual having minimum solvency/income not less than that of the borrower supported by income proof.

Pubali Bank Car Loan

Required Documents

# Demand Promissory Note

# DP Note Delivery Letter

# Letter of Undertaking 

# Letter of Hypothection

#Personal Guarantee letter

#Hire Purchase Agreement


Additional Information

Any Bangladeshi individual who has the means and capacity to repay bank loan. In specific terms, these could be salaried executives of multinational and middle to large size local corporate, Government officials, Officials working in reputed NGO's , International Aid Agencies & UN bodies, any tax paying businessmen of repute, any employed / self-employed tax-paying individual having reliable source of income.

Purchase of non-commercial new and reconditioned vehicles for personal use only.